Nri Service

Nri Service

Our Vision


Our Philosophy

creation of portfolios optimising by way of  –  minimum risks and maximum returns.

Our Team

Certified Financial planners and mutual fund advisors.

Our Style

Simplicity of personalised professional services as reflected in our strategies of  :

  • NO open ended  NFOs  as our research shows initial 3 to 6 months of  investment NFOs languish.
  • NO CHURNING nor profit bookings with every swing of the stock- market.
  • Expertise of TAX & MF Planning & portfolio Services from qualified professionals under one umbrella.
  • Access to Wealth e-office

Our Services

As AMFI registered Mutual Fund Advisors, our services comprise of  :

  • Suggesting investment strategy balancing risks and returns suitably for each investor.
  • Provide detailed Asset Allocation Plan [ AAP ] and opting for purchase averaging.
  • Preparation of all necessary applications and other paper work being  dispatched to investor for signatures
  • Maintenance and reporting of portfolio on quarterly basis.
  • Advising profit booking and/or switch from time to time & further reinvestment of sale proceeds on an ongoing basis.
  • Advising tax matters and providing annual statement of Dividend and Gains.

Your Security & Convenience

All investments are made in name of the investor- under his own signature & as MF schemes are electronically linked to investor’s notified bank account, error free transfers for investment & realization are ensured.

The investor has only to sign the dotted line as completed application forms and necessary paper work is prepared and dispatched by our Office.