Life Cycle

Life Cycle

Getting Married

In the flurry of activity and excitement before your wedding, plan sensibly for your marriage so that it is a lasting one. Often, people caught up in the romance of marriage forget that the act of marriage usually creates legal obligations between the two individuals involved.

Include Financial Planning with MultiWealth in your wedding plans as you’re getting married. 

Adding Child to Your Family

As you anticipate the joys of parenthood with bated breath, whether you are having a baby or adopting one, you must balance this joy with financial planning so that parenting becomes a beautiful experience free of financial worries. While the emotional rewards of parenting are unparalleled for most people, a family’s daily expenses increase.

Planning with MultiWealth can help you protect and plan for adding a child to your family.

Starting Your Own Bussiness

Entrepreneurial ambition that sets in at a certain stage of a successful career goes hand in hand with sound business planning. A lot of professionals toy with the idea of starting their own business because they feel it is better to make money running their own business than make money for someone else. However the reason why most people opt for starting their own business is that they are building something for themselves and not for someone else in the long run.

The concentration is on the business idea and the issues involved in running a business. Ideas abound, connections and contacts are strong, extensive brainstorming happens- all to come at a standstill because of the deficiency of funds to see the project through to its logical end, that is, a profit making enterprise.

MultiWealth can help you with key decisions on building financial security while you’re starting your own business.

Buying a Home

Owning your house is a dream come true because this dream is as old as civilization itself. However owning a house and still maintain a simple financially-free life is a complex issue. This important milestone in the life of a family or an individual, poses many questions and riddles which can be addressed by personal financial management and planning.

Financial Planning from MultiWealth can help ensure your dreams of buying a home come true.