Challenges in Life

Challenges in Life

Correcting the Past Financial Mistakes

A life free of financial uncertainty. ..Quality time with family. …Personal financial goals whether marriage, education, setting up a business, taking a break from work, owning a home, etc. – all can be achieved if planned well…. This and much more is possible if you have a personal CFO whom you can rely upon. This is where we step in. We tackle your financial uncertainty by first ascertaining the ill-informed financial choices made by you in the past .

Planning with MultiWealth can help you with key decisions while you’re correcting the past financial mistakes.


Divorce is known for the adverse impact it has on one’s life. A lot of emotional and mental stress is undergone during this traumatic process and its aftermath. Divorce affects your entire family as it undermines your self-esteem, affects your child’s wellbeing and calls for other family members’ adjustment to situation.

Planning with MultiWealth can help deal with the complications of divorce.

Loss of Loved Ones

Of all the things in life, though only death is certain, however when it strikes, it leaves behind a trail of misery and grief. The loss of a loved one can never be compensated. The grief that follows is a natural response and mourning is an outlet for such unbearable grief. However you may also be faced with financial concerns

Learn more about dealing with the loss of loved ones.

Loss of Job

Job security is something taken for granted in the past. Unfortunately the present and future harsh realities attached to a job are:

  • Being laid off
  • Getting dismissed
  • Receiving your pink slip

Any of this can happen to you simply because the company wants to become more efficient, cut expenses or make short term profits. Losing one’s job is the most stressful among various life altering events such as death, illness, etc. On an average, every professional receives a “pink slip” at least twice in his/ her career. The average time it takes to find a new job is 6 months.

MultiWealth can help you understand your alternatives for financial security when you’r loss of job.